Stockideas is a platform built to empower individual investors. Our platform is run by wall street veterans who have managed Billion’s of dollars in institutional assets.

Bull & Bear is a subscription based research platform focusing on fundamental research. We provide a Bull case (positive) and a Bear case (negative) for investors looking to invest in individual companies.

Money in Motion is a subscription based platform focusing on swing trades. Money in Motion will identify the best technical setups for investors on a weekly basis.

ETF Advizr¬†is for long term investors. This section will track 20 major ETF’s and provide customized entry & exit signals. ETF Advizr use a proprietary signal created to capture big trends in the stock market and aims to minimize large draw downs in the stock market.

Institutional provides customized research platform to large investment firms. Clients include Family Offices, Hedge Funds, Investment Advisors and large asset managers.